The potential complexity of a real estate transaction is limitless, and so is the potential value we offer our clients. That’s why for the last three years we have invested heavily in developing AREAS™. AREAS™ stands for Advanced Real Estate Analysis and Systems™. It is our proprietary information technology that allows us to match you with your perfect home. It is only for the exclusive use of the AREAS Real Estate Team, for our Realtors, for the benefit of our clients.

Every property and every person is unique, every home offers something special and there is someone out there who needs help finding it. To make this connection we must understand a multitude of details about the buyers we help and the properties we list for sale. We use AREAS™ to organize real information about real property in real time. AREAS™ allows us to store a complex individualized profile for every client based on what matters most to them, then it lets us analyze hundreds of attributes about properties that fit their criteria. Beach accesses, bus stops, cell phone towers, French immersion schools. Proximity to a garbage dump with potential for toxic leakage. Deck privacy, basement suite ventilation, or driveway slope. An estimated monthly fuel cost for driving based on what you drive and where you go in relation to your new home. So - tell us - what matters to you?

Different factors weigh differently for different purchasers. We match your client profile with our extensive AREAS™ database and assign a personalized rating to every potential home for you. You receive a comprehensive report from your AREAS™ certified Realtor specifically designed to answer the most important questions, all of the questions that matter to you.

AREAS™ is continually building our knowledge of the properties in Victoria. AREAS™ helps us sell more homes because we know who is best suited to any given property at any given time. AREAS™ allows us to match individual buyers and sellers with the very best possible outcomes for them.